Sources – References Used

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ASBAustralian Service Bayonets by Ian D. SKENNERTON
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BIBaionette Italiane 1814-1991 by Cesare Calamandrei
BRABayonets de la Republica Argentina by M. Suffriti and O. Albino
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JN BAYONETS from Janzen’s Notebook by Jerry L. JANZEN
JWThe German Bayonet by John Walter
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KARHA Russian & Soviet Bayonets by Reino KARHA
KMS Australian & New Zealand Cutlers & Cutlery 1788-1988 by Keith M. SPENCER
LABARBayonets of Japan “A Comprehensive Reference” by Raymond C. LABAR
LUBBE German Sidearms & Bayonets 1740 – 1945 by Klaus LUBBE
MAD Collecting Bayonets by J.A. MADDOX
NEYMANM9 Bayonet (The Authorized History) by Richard Newman
PRIEST The Spirit of the Pike “British Socket Bayonets of the 20th Century” by Graham PRIEST
RDCE The BAYONET “An Evolution and History” by R.D.C. EVANS & Frederick J. Stephens
RW The Collectors Book of German Bayonets “Parts 1 and 2” by Roy WILLIAMS
Seidemann Kalashnikov Bayonette by Ulrich SEIDEMANN
SLRS.L.R. Australia’s F.N. F.A.L by Skennerton and Balmer
ST Fighting Knives “An illustrated guide to Fighting Knives and Military Survival Weapons” by Frederick J. Stephens
TTHTo The Hilt – The Austrian Bayonet by David F. Machnicki
WW The Bayonet Book by John WATTS and Peter WHITE
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