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AUSTRALIAN M9 Steyr AUG/F88 Bayonet by BUCK


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This AUSTRALIAN M9 bayonet for the Steyr AUG/F88  was manufactured by BUCK and is in mint or unissued condition with only minor storage marks.

The Australian M9 bayonet has a distinctive broad arrow on the right hand side of the 188 stamping. Production was from July 1991 to September 1992. Following its removal from service and substituted with an M7 version it has become rare and well sort after. Approximately 900 bayonets were made for the civilian market in February 1993 with black oxide blades after the overrun of blades.

The scabbard also bears the distinction broad arrow embossed under the name BUCK just above the wire cutter attachment. (Reference is Neyman pages 151 to 155)


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