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AUSTRALIAN L1A2 (FAL – SLR) BAYONET – (Phosphate Finish – Short)


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The Australian SLR Bayonet, L1A2, comes with many variations. This particular lot is part of the last shipment of SLR bayonets sold off by the Australian Government.. These are the phosphate finish that was mainly used in Vietnam. These bayonets have the slightly shorter blade that ranges between 196mm and 200mm with a shorter false edge of approximately 55mm. These bayonets are in exceptional condition (mint) with only minor storage and transportation marks. Many still have the oil/grease from Australian storage.

One of the photos show the difference in blade lengths and false edge grinding. Scabbards are the black painted No.5 Mk 2 model. (Reference BCB A32, ASB Page 119 and SLR Pages 78-80). The original quantity of these bayonets availability is 8.

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