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USA/American M9 bayonet was produced by Ontario Knife Co. as a tribute to the U.S Army and the men and women actively fighting the “Global War on Terror”. The features include gold writing that states “NO OUTCOME BUT VICTORY” MARCH 19, 2003 U.S. PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH” and has the U.S Army logo. The U.S Army logo is also on one side of the grip/handle on the bayonet and also on the scabbard which also says “OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM”. This M9 Commemorative Bayonet is strictly limited to 500 pieces, as were the USMC and SOCOM commemorative bayonets. All of these bayonets are numbered 1 of 500, with OKC not sequentially numbering each bayonet.

The bayonet features black finish to the pommel, crossguard and blade. The scabbard has the traditional wire cutter attachment and the ITW NEXUS made FASTEX fixing system but with the MOLLE load bearing webbing attachment. The bayonet and scabbard are in excellent condition.

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