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AUSTRALIAN STEYR AUG/A1 Trials (KCB 77) bayonet


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This Australian Steyr AUG/A1 trials bayonet were supplied by Steyr “Steyr R-Daimler-Puch AG Austria” along with the trials rifles but were probably of German manufacture. This trials bayonet is of a green composition material in the grips and scabbard where the original samples were black. There are no markings to the blade/bayonet and the integral frog swivels. The swiveling frog was thought to be missing, however, has since been found as it was stored separately due to small areas of rust around the rivets. (refer separate photo).

The scabbard has a wire cutter and screwdriver point. Another notable change from the original samples is the bend to the crossguard to act as a bottle opener.

Following the trials with production beginning at Lithgow the rifle was designated as the “F88” and the bayonet as “KCB 77”. (Reference AMRB page 101 and 105)

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