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The French Model 1890 Gendarmerie bayonet is officially known as an Epee-Baionette de Gendarmerie Modele 90 and is a scarce bayonet.  The blade is proofed and is 518mm long. Sometimes confused with the bayonet for the Daudeteau rifle both with the distinctive grooved handle (this example is white metal, nickel-silver, grip/handle) which was designed to allow the bayonet to be attached to the rifle with the cleaning rod still in place. The rod would then sit neatly in place in this groove. The major difference between the two is the design of the press-stud, with the Gendarmerie locking at the pommel and the Daudeteau locking at the guard. There is a serial number of “8978” to the quillon. The bayonet is in very good condition but showing some pitting to the crossguard.

The scabbard in excellent condition is typical of the Lebel M1886 and bears the partial serial no. “AE 7…08”. (Reference WW 211)

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